Maggie, Matt and Robin Reeve

Maggie, Matt and Robin Reeve

A Three Generation Farm:  Dad's first and strongest memories of his childhood are his days living in an old farmhouse in rural east Tennessee. Some of my first memories are of Dad and I daydreaming of finding our way back to the farm life. Three years ago, we were able to purchase the old Quimby farm in Kirby, Vermont. Woodlands had reclaimed most of the open space leaving only 12 acres of pasture where our neighbor's Highland cattle graze.

In the winter of 2014-15, we re-opened an old 20-acre hay field that was last mowed in 1955. We will revitalize this field using proven permaculture methods - building berms along the contours for orchard plantings and water control while leaving open the swales between the berms for grazing and crop rotation.

The hills to the western part of the farm are thick with sugar maples from which we produce high-grade Vermont maple syrup in the early spring. We use a traditional wood-fired evaporator that yields, in our minds, the finest maple flavors.

Both Dad and I cherish our fortune to have this place and eagerly mark our progress month to month, year to year as we work toward our goals. And we see the farm's future in the care of my daughter, Maggie, who delights in the farmland's magic.

Matt Reeve