New Life for an 1825 Vermont Farm.


The inventory on the original 1825 deed of our farm included, among other farm valuables, 500 sugar maple trees. There's little doubt that those original trees have disappeared, but their sweet progeny now forests the hills of the farmland. In late winter each year, from these maples, we carefully produce 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.

In that original farm inventory there was no mention of apple trees. But odds are that apples were one of the first planting priorities of the original owners. Several of those old trees remain in the orchards here. We have top-worked and inventoried about 100 existing apple trees and in our first spring, planted 100 new trees. We now have 1200 or so apple trees in our orchards and nurseries representing over 90 varieties, predominantly cider varieties. Our orchards will soon yield beautifully and continue to flourish bearing varieties of both eating and cider apples.



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